Meet Carlos Barbosa, ePost Global's V.P. of eCommerce Solutions

Meet Carlos Barbosa, ePost Global’s V.P. of eCommerce Solutions

Since 1997, Carlos has forged a successful career that began in a printing company and evolved into spearheading the development of international logistics networks across the globe. With over 20 years of experience in the shipping and logistics industry, Carlos possesses extensive knowledge and expertise. We invite you to read his story.

The journey to becoming an international logistics professional

My journey in the world of international logistics began back in 1997 when I started working at a printer in Colombia. Little did I know that this experience would ignite my passion for building networks and connecting people across borders. Fast forward to January 2021, I joined ePost Global, marking another chapter in my lifelong dedication to this industry.

During my time in Colombia, my colleagues and I tirelessly worked to develop an international mail network throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Our goal was to distribute magazines to subscribers on behalf of US publishers who printed Spanish or Portuguese versions. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience that laid the foundation for my future endeavors.

In 2000, I made a life-changing decision and moved to Miami to work for TNT International Mail, which later became Spring Global Mail. Traveling across South and Central America, I immersed myself in the diverse cultures and landscapes, all in the pursuit of expanding our network in Latin America and the Caribbean. Over time, I transitioned into a role in business development and eventually became the regional Managing Director.

The year 2005 brought about another major change as I relocated to Long Island, NY to serve as the regional Commercial Director for the Americas at Spring. My responsibilities encompassed managing our routing and network, pricing strategies, as well as nurturing relationships with local vendors. Additionally, I took charge of ensuring top-notch service quality and customer satisfaction, overseeing the dedicated teams in these areas.

However, the winds of change continued to blow, and in 2007, Spring sold its US business unit to Pitney Bowes. As part of the transition team, I dedicated myself to facilitating a seamless transfer and final closure of the Spring operations in the US by 2008. This marked a turning point in my career as I embarked on a new adventure at Spring’s head office in Amsterdam. There, as the Director of Global Distribution, I collaborated closely with teams worldwide, forging innovative services, establishing new routes, and exploring fresh opportunities.

In 2012, I led a talented team of logistics experts to develop Spring’s International Parcel Product portfolio. The transition from traditional mail to the booming realm of international parcels and e-commerce presented exciting challenges that we eagerly embraced. The evolving landscape demanded flexibility, adaptability, and a forward-thinking mindset.

By 2014, I found myself back in the United States, joining IMEX Global Solutions as Vice President of Commercial and Postal Affairs. In this role, I spearheaded the management of our network and pricing activities, constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency and profitability. The acquisition of our business by bPost in 2019 marked a new chapter as we became The Mail Group, where I continued to cultivate valuable relationships with logistics partners and support the growth of our business through increased contribution margin.

Now, at ePost Global, I find myself at our Itasca facility, nestled just outside O’Hare airport. In my current position, my main responsibility revolves around helping and supporting the sales team in securing new business while ensuring the retention of existing clients. I am committed to maintaining a competitive network by optimizing costs, exploring the best routing options to key markets, and presenting innovative solutions to our customers.

Monitoring and managing the performance of our vendors is another crucial aspect of my role, ensuring that their service quality aligns with our promises to customers. Additionally, my team and I provide timely rates and solutions to all quote requests, leveraging our expertise and analytical skills to assist with any necessary analyses.

One of our key focuses this year is the development of the new domestic eDGE service. As part of the Commercial team, we dedicate significant time and effort to ensure the necessary routings are in place, negotiate with vendors, and establish the rate cards. This project holds immense importance to us, and we are fully committed to its success.

As a firm believer in the power of knowledge sharing, I consider it my responsibility to impart my experience and expertise within the organization. Whether it’s my immediate team or anyone else who can benefit, I am always ready to lend a helping hand. Your success is our success, and I am here to unlock new possibilities for your business.

Should you require expert insights and tailored solutions, I encourage you to connect with me at Together, let’s embark on a journey of growth and excellence.

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