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Last Update : 10-29-2020

About Cookies and How We Use Them

Cookies are small bits of electronic information that a website or application sends to your browser and are stored by your browser. There are two different types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary, expire and are normally deleted when you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain stored on your computer until they are either deleted or expire.

We use cookies to identify users, track your behavior on our website, keep our website secure, and improve our website’s performance. Cookies generally do not contain personal information, but personal information we store about you, in accordance with our Privacy Policy, may be linked to the information obtained from cookies.

Managing Cookies

Google Analytics uses cookies to track and analyze website traffic, and we use Google Analytics to analyze your use of our website. You can find out more about Google Analytics here:

Our website may contain links to other, third-party websites that may place cookies into your browser. The advertisements you see on this website are generated by third parties. Some of these third parties use their own cookies to track how many people have seen or clicked on a particular ad. The third-party companies that generate these cookies have their own cookie and privacy policies, which we recommend you review. ePost Global disclaims any and all liability related to third-party cookies.

Please review the types of cookies found on this website below.

Strictly Necessary Cookies
These cookies are necessary for the website’s functionality and cannot be disabled. We use these cookies for security purposes, to identify and authenticate our users, and to help you navigate between the different pages on our website.

Performance Cookies
These cookies allow us to analyze how you use our website and helps us understand our users’ interests. We also use performance cookies to help us learn about and manage any errors that may occur on our website. The information collected by these cookies are aggregated and anonymized. These cookies may be disabled, but your experience on our website may be affected.

Functional Cookies
These cookies enable the website to provide enhanced functionality and personalization. Specifically, functionality cookies help the website remember your personal preferences. These cookies may be disabled, but your experience on our website may be affected.

Targeting Cookies
These cookies may be set up by us or by third parties who have our permission to advertise on our website. They are primarily used by third parties to understand your interests and provide you with a more targeted advertising experience. While targeting cookies do not store your personal information, they may be able to identify your browser or device and may follow the user as they visit other websites.

Changes to this Cookie Policy

ePost Global may change this Cookie Policy from time to time. If this Cookie Policy changes, the revised Cookie Policy will be posted here. Your continued use of our website constitutes acceptance of such changes in the Cookie Policy, except where further steps are required by applicable law.

Contacting ePost Global

Questions regarding this Cookie Policy, including access and deletion requests, should be directed to ePost Global at