Domestic eDGE

As international shipping leaders, ePost Global saw an opportunity to find a solution for US domestic parcels that gives customers more control, expedited transits, and access to the most cost effective rates.

Our successful global destination approach has given us the ability to build a network within the U.S. allowing us to offer an optimized solution for our customer’s domestic packages with our highly automated technology and flexibility to fit any workflow.

Who is Domestic eDGE for?

Our new domestic shipping service is a perfect fit for any business that:
Are shipping to or within the U.S.
Ship packages that weigh up to 25 lbs.
Average 1,000 parcels per shipment
Want a cost-effective solution

How Domestic eDGE Shipping Works

Create a Label for Your Package
Create a label with ePG's rates with package dimensions, weight, and correct addresses
Schedule a Pick Up
Schedule a Pick Up for all your packages for drop off at the closest ePG facility to you
We Optimize the Network
ePG sorts and routes your packages for optimal cost and transit times
Track Your Package Every Step
Be able to track all your packages with one single tracking number for maximum visibility

Explore how Domestic eDGE can support your Business

Looking for better options to ship domestically? We’ll help you find them.

Our dedicated customer service representatives will work with you to determine the best shipping plan for your business, with no commitment required.

    How We Give You an eDGE

    Multiple Processing Facilities
    Our strategically located operating facilities allows us to provide services to any company in the US and lowers our customer's lower line haul costs by moving shipments within our facility network
    Local & Dedicated Customer Support
    All of our customers will have a dedicated customer service team that is local to their designated processing facility to ensure packages are getting to their destination every step of the way
    Flexibility & Automation Technology
    Our sophisticated automation system provides you the benefit of efficient processing but with the availability for customization if needed
    One Single Tracking Number
    We simplify the process of tracking across a hybrid network with a single tracking number, ones that are recognized as an approved carrier by the largest marketplaces