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Experience reliable, seamless shipping to Canada with ePost Global: your gateway to expanded global reach and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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UPS Ship to Canada

Premium Service at Affordable Rates

Most Last-Mile Carriers in Canada
We know exactly who’s delivering the package to your customers’ doorstep.
Dedicated Representative
When you have questions, we have a real person waiting to help, just for you.
Extensive Partner Network
Our vast network gives you more shipping options to choose from.
Customized Solutions
We’ll find or create shipping options that work best for your business needs.
Optimized Routes & Schedules
Get your package to its destination the fastest way possible.
Option to Pre-Pay Duties
We’ll help you avoid delays by prepaying duties ahead of time.
Real-time Tracking
You’ll always be in the know with our real-time tracking solutions.
Done-for-You Paperwork
We can complete customs paperwork on your behalf.

ePost Global has done an outstanding job of helping us manage our outbound international parcel deliveries. They continuously provide customized solutions, personal service, and expert account management to help grow Zazzle's e-commerce business.

Rick Silva
Director of Supply Chain

Know Your Options When Shipping to Canada

Don’t settle when it comes to shipping. If you’re looking for better options to ship internationally, we’re here to help.

Our dedicated customer service representatives will work with you to determine the best shipping plan for your business, with no commitment required.

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    Customized offerings deliver over $500K annual savings

    An electronics company marketing to the Canadian market had an expansive catalog distribution program throughout Canada.

    Looking for postage cost-savings, they turned to ePost Global for assistance. After an analysis of their delivery requirements, ePost designed a logistics program consisting of a combination of national postal carriers and local hand delivery couriers.

    The customized network optimized the shipping routes to drive over $500K in annual savings.

    Easy to Integrate

    With ePost Global’s easy to integrate solution, you can keep your processes relatively unchanged.

    US to Canada Shipping FAQs

    How much does UPS charge to ship to Canada?
    The cost of shipping a package to Canada via UPS depends on the weight and dimensions of the package. For smaller packages, prices are typically lower, and increase with the size and weight of whatever you are sending. At ePost Global, our extensive partner network often allows us to offer shipping services at more cost effective rates than if you were to UPS ship to Canada, as well as offering additional services such as continuous customer support.
    Is UPS or ePost Global shipping to Canada?
    When it comes to international shipping, ePost Global develops a tailored strategy to match your business needs. This strategy might involve incorporating UPS carriers, or it might not. Either way, our team of customer service experts strives to identify the best solution for cost and time savings. They’re also on standby to provide solutions in case any problems arise.
    What is the most affordable option?
    The most affordable option to UPS ship to Canada will depend on a few factors. The most important two being the size and weight of your package and the delivery urgency. The customer service team at ePost Global will work with you to create a plan that properly prioritizes your shipping needs. So whether you’re focused on cost, speed, or both, we’ll craft a plan using a wide range of carriers.
    How do I send a package from the US to Canada?
    ePost Global is dedicated to providing simple international shipping solutions for businesses. By talking with our experts about your company’s needs, we’ll develop a customized plan that suits you and your customers. We’ll also take care of the hard work, so you to concentrate on your business. Your role is easy: ship and save.
    How does ePost Global work with UPS?
    ePost Global considers the client’s needs and priorities when deciding whether to collaborate with UPS to ship to Canada for package delivery. If there are advantages to using UPS services, we’ll incorporate them. We understand each client has a distinct shipment need, so we tailor their shipping plan to align with it.
    Do you use FedEx for any part of the delivery?
    Depending on what the customer needs, ePost Global might involve Fedex in certain parts of the delivery process. Our goal is to discover the best and most affordable method for shipping the customer’s items.