Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing the Cheapest Shipping from USA to UK

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing the Cheapest Shipping from USA to UK

International shipping is the bloodline of many businesses today, especially with the boom in eCommerce. Companies strive to provide consumers with products from all over the globe. The USA to UK route is particularly popular, and understandably so. This transatlantic connection carries with it a significant share of global trade. 

This article will illuminate some common mistakes you should avoid in your quest to to ship internationally. Join us as we provide you with proven methods to steer clear of unnecessary costs and customer dissatisfaction while striving for affordable international shipping. So whether you’re shipping from major commercial centers like New York or smaller towns in America we’ll help you ensure smooth parcel delivery.

The UK: A New Opportunity

The United Kingdom, a captivating blend of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, is a lucrative destination for shipping goods. High customer demand makes London and surrounding areas some of the top buyers of eCommerce products globally. This creates an attractive market for businesses across the world. From large multinational corporations based in America to ambitious startups in China or Canada, businesses from many different countries have their eyes set here. 

But galloping towards this new opportunity isn’t always as easy as it seems. Businesses new to international shipping often fall into certain traps when trying to find the cheapest way to send parcels across continents. They might not consider factors like shipping times and shipping companies’ reputations or forget that the cost of cheap shipping isn’t solely about finding below-average shipping rates.

Even if you choose traditionally reputable shipping carriers, your package can take much more than average amount of business days to reach UK destinations if your decisions don’t consider all aspects appropriately. That’s why it’s vital for businesses venturing into international delivery services to be aware of and avoid common mistakes.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing the Cheapest Shipping Option to the UK

As you take your delivery operations across borders, some hurdles could potentially hurt your efforts when opting for the cheapest shipping process. This section looks at seven common mistakes businesses make while trying to minimize their shipping cost from America to the United Kingdom.

Mistake 1: Not Considering Delivery Timeframes

Having realistic expectations about delivery timeframes is crucial for businesses to ensure smooth shipping processes. Take, for example, a well-established boutique who made its maiden venture into international eCommerce. They did everything right, from marketing trendy winter coats across London online stores to finding one of the cheapest shipping options for all their parcels.

However, as an expanding business, they failed to consider a crucial point. The express need for speedy delivery. In today’s fast-paced world, where next-day delivery has become a norm in domestic markets, international customers also expect swift services. Many UK shoppers have expressed that they expect their parcels to arrive within acceptable time frames.

This retailer chose shipping services emphasizing low costs and ignoring all else, which led them down a slippery slope. The ‘economical’ transit times promised their orders would reach customers in England in two weeks.

Yet, due to unforeseen obstacles during package transit and the typical delays linked with these economical choices, coats meant for the cold month of February ultimately reached customers in the pleasant days of April. This delay dampened both interest and demand for winter wear.

Ignoring important variables like general transit timeframes or using unreliable shipping calculators is what impairs many businesses aiming to perform cross-Atlantic magic via budget international economy shipments. It’s important to always keep in mind customer expectations and industry norms before making these decisions.

Mistake 2: Ignoring Shipping Insurance

A creative artisan in Chicago known for her handcrafted, unique crystal vases was looking to expand her business. One day, she received a request from a high-end boutique in Wales seeking large quantities of her exquisite striped blue vase. Seeing an opportunity to expand her brand visibility in the UK market, she decided to ship the vase using one of the cheapest courier services with no insurance coverage.

International shipping is filled with unforeseeable challenges and countless transit points where mishaps might occur. Sadly enough, after crossing continents and oceans, when the package finally reached its destination, the boutique owner received a box filled with blue crystal pieces.

Opting for budget-friendly courier companies that did not offer shipping insurance was a colossal miscalculation. The artisan had to refund the valuable order and bear the loss of her exclusive creation. This ended up being much more than the cost-saving she made on shipping.

When you’re choosing a shipping partner, it’s important to always ensure your cargo is insured adequately. Choosing an economical delivery service should never mean compromising on essential covers like shipping insurance, as it could end up costing you much more in case of damages or loss.

Mistake 3: Overlooking Customs and Duties

John is a small business owner from Boston. After successfully marketing his handcrafted leather shoes in America, he decided to explore international markets and received a large order from a store based in Ireland. With stars in his eyes and dreams of going global, he dived headfirst into the process without considering some critical details.

Filled with the enthusiasm of expanding globally, John chose the best deal that fits into his budget via a shipping method with one of the renowned courier companies. There was just one oversight: he failed to factor in UK customs duties into the shipping cost.

John’s shoes were held at customs due to payment issues regarding customs duties that hadn’t been previously considered. Not only did this delay delivery to the customer, causing dissatisfaction, but it also brought forth additional expenses in terms of fines imposed on late customs duties payment. Not to mention the hassle spent on paperwork for customs clearance.

John’s experience proves why businesses should beware of disregarding or underestimating aspects like customs clearance, shipping labels, postcodes, and declaration during international parcel delivery when calculating their shipping expenses. It’s not about just comparing existing shipping rates. It’s about understanding all hidden charges that can pop up along your package’s journey.

Mistake 4: Sacrificing Package Tracking

Think for a moment about one of your own online shopping experiences. You’ve placed an order, and now you eagerly await its arrival. With each passing day, you grow more excited but also more frustrated by the lack of updates. Welcome to the world of lost parcel anxiety.

Now imagine that same feeling amplified for customers who have ordered internationally over weeks instead of days. That’s exactly what some companies unknowingly do when they opt for cheap shipping options without reliable tracking systems.

Often, inexpensive courier services cut costs by excluding essential features like thorough package tracking. The result? A package that seems to have vanished into thin air after shipping – leaving your customer floating in an ocean of uncertainty and annoyance.

For businesses looking to expand into markets like the United Kingdom, it’s crucial to remember that customers love following their order’s journey across borders. Frustratingly long hauls with no updates can be detrimental to brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Avoid letting your shipment be another ghost story on postal forums by choosing shipping partners equipped with reliable package tracking systems.

Mistake 5: Neglecting Packaging Requirements

Imagine your business is preparing to ship a highly fragile item to a zealous collector based in London. You’ve found the perfect shipping deal– great prices, reputable carriers, and reasonable delivery speed. However, you decide to save some bucks on packaging using an old box and barely enough cushioning.

Unfortunately, the journey from America to the United Kingdom is not exactly a smooth ride. Your package will experience various handling standards during transit – from turbulence in air transportation, to  a drop off at  the local post office or at the consignee’s doorstep. The package arrives in London and is eagerly opened by the customer. Instead of feeling the victory of owning a new collectors piece, the customer’s heart surely hit low notes when they found their new purchase cracked around the edges.

Neglecting packaging requirements could damage your items en route, which can cost consumer trust and future business opportunities. Using proper packaging materials and techniques, especially when shipping internationally, is as important as getting an excellent rate or speedy delivery times.

Mistake 6: Not Researching Shipping Providers

A Liverpool-based electronics company secured a hefty order of high-end cameras from a photography academy in California. The sales team negotiated vigorously to land this deal, but when it came to shipping, they chose the first low-cost provider they found online and booked it.

It turns out that the chosen provider had quite a few negative reviews regarding their handling of delicate items. Upon the shipment’s arrival, the academy learned that, unfortunately, many cameras were damaged.

The mistake was opting for an unfamiliar service purely based on attractive pricing without checking its validity or reputation. A service provider with numerous poor customer reviews could be more costly in terms of account disputes and damaged credibility than paying slightly higher shipping rates to select a reliable one.

In such cases, reliable courier services offer peace of mind through their international economy offerings, which have been tested by millions worldwide over several decades. Not researching enough can lead to opting for sub-par courier companies or inconsistent delivery options, which might tarnish not only your package but your reputation as well.

Mistake 7: Focusing Solely on Price

Let’s look at an expanding business from the USA to the UK, shipping a load of pre-chosen subscription-style boxes to a boutique in London. Transporting some of the items call for delicate handling, requiring specialized skills and knowledge. Yet, this business got distracted by the allure of rock-bottom prices offered by a shipping provider they discovered online.

Delivery day arrives. Some of the candles are ruined due to heat damage, while other products show signs of moisture damage. The disastrous result is due to cost becoming the sole deciding factor instead of considering quality service, customer support, and other essential factors.

Saving a few dollars on shipping seems great on paper. However, if it comes at the cost of unhappy customers or opportunities lost due to poor product conditions upon delivery, that’s a high price paid for cheap shipping.

Businesses must remember that providing top-notch international shipping involves excellent service quality, adept handling during transit times that earn your customer appreciation, and positive word-of-mouth marketing, which are keystones for steady business growth in thriving markets like the United Kingdom.

ePost Global: The Best Option for International Shipping

When venturing into international shipping, like transporting goods from the USA to the UK, the process doesn’t need to be overwhelming or riddled with multiple hurdles. That’s where ePost Global steps in.

We prioritize more than just being a cheap shipping option; our goal is to deliver your package safely within a timeframe appropriate for your business needs and customer expectations. With us, you don’t have to compromise between the cost of shipping and delivery speed.

Having navigated the stormy seas of international shipping for years, we understand parcels are more than just packages–they’re promises made by you to your customers. Whether handling the payment of customs duties or tracking services, we are responsible for fulfilling these promises.

Businesses can say goodbye to days spent worrying about customs clearance or checking postal rates on a shipping calculator frantically and hello to end-to-end logistics solutions tailored perfectly to your specific needs. When you partner with ePost Global, get ready for an effortless international journey from America all the way to the UK.

Expanding Your Business Across Borders

When exploring options for the cheapest shipping from the USA to the UK, remember that low cost doesn’t have to mean low quality. Take your time researching courier services, consider all aspects, and don’t skimp on essentials like package tracking and insurance. Make informed decisions that consider not just the shipping cost but also factors like customs duties, traceability, customer service support and delivery timelines.

Avoid these common mistakes and embrace a comprehensive approach towards international shipping, one which prioritizes both price optimization as well as quality service! With reliable partners like ePost Global at your side, you’ll be ushering your goods across the Atlantic in no time–efficiently, economically, and most importantly, with complete peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.

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