Meet Chassidy Willey, a Strategic Account Manager at ePost Global!

Meet Chassidy Willey, a Strategic Account Manager at ePost Global!

An example of our core value “Strive to achieve customer satisfaction in every encounter”

Meet Chassidy Willey, a Strategic Account Manager at ePost Global, embodying the core value of innovation. From her roots in Northern Michigan to her diverse professional journey across the U.S, Chassidy brings a wealth of experience to international logistics. With a background spanning customer service, marketing, and operations, she’s proud to be part of ePost’s team of industry leaders dedicated to pushing the boundaries of global shipping. 

Tell us about yourself and your journey to work in International Logistics. 

I learned the basics of international mailing and shipping within my first role as a Customer Service Coordinator when I gained valuable insight into customer needs, preferences, and common pain points. 

My transition into Marketing provided an in-depth perspective on industry trends to leverage market research, build effective strategies, and help alleviate the complexities of cross-border shipping and mailing. 

During my time in Operations I gained further insight into the intricacies of the delivery network, supply chain efficiency, internal process optimization through automation, and how to successfully navigate global trade rules and regulations.

I grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan, instead of traditional high school, I was homeschooled and trained as a competitive figure skater at the Detroit Skating Club. I studied at Michigan State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

I enjoy nature, hiking, arts & crafts, science, history, music, ice skating, and documentaries and I’ve recently taken up skiing this winter. I’m lucky enough to have lived in several different places across the U.S. including Atlanta GA, Charleston SC, Austin TX, Ann Arbor MI and I’m now currently in Denver CO.

What is one thing that sets ePost apart from its competitors? 

With industry knowledge, ample experience with loyal teammates, and quality of service to our customers, working at ePost I am most proud of being part of a well-known team of respective leaders who have proven their expertise and knowledge in this industry by raising the limits of cross-border mailing and shipping

What’s been your best day at work so far? 

Participating in ePost’s team leadership meeting was a memorable experience for me. I gained greater insight into ePost’s broader company goals, and departmental updates and felt inspired listening to others’ perspectives.

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

After my first week of training at our LAX facility I found my experience was truly a good fit based on how well I connected with my teammates, and seeing how my unique related experience could be applied in different areas to benefit the company.

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