Meet Maya Hodge, Billing Manager at ePost Global!

Meet Maya Hodge, Billing Manager at ePost Global!

Meet Maya, who started as an onboarding Specialist,  gaining a solid foundation in the logistics industry and was promoted to Billing Manager overseeing the customer billing team and managing the final stages of the shipment life-cycle. 

In her role, Maya ensures prompt and accurate invoicing by utilizing reports and data. She provides unique analytical insights to both external and internal clients based on their specific business needs.

Maya’s journey at ePost Global is a testament to the company’s commitment to employee development, innovation, and delivering exceptional service in the logistics industry.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to work in international logistics.

I am a Virginia native with a passion for film, music, travel, as well as learning & mentoring. I have a background working in research, finance, and client services. After I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, I spent several years working in the law library of a corporate firm in Washington, D.C.

During this time, I developed an interest in pursuing a masters degree in business. I moved to Los Angeles, CA where I attended the Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and completed my Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

When I came on board with the company, at that time RR Donnelley, I was completely new to the logistics industry. I started off as the Onboarding Specialist, managing the process of client account setup and integration. This gave me a great introduction to the industry and solid foundation to understanding our business systems, databases, and processes.

Within  two years I was promoted to Billing Manager, working on the final stages of the shipment life-cycle, giving me the full-scope experience and perspective.

What does your role at ePost Global consist of?

As the Billing Manager at ePost Global, I oversee the customer billing team, ensuring invoicing is handled in a prompt and accurate manner. My work is heavily focused on utilizing reports and data, allowing me the opportunity to provide unique analytical insights to both external and internal clients based on their specific business needs.

I am fortunate enough to lead a team of talented and dedicated billers who take pride in their work. The team prioritizes data integrity across systems to ensure precise and timely invoicing of our services. We work in conjunction with multiple departments to coordinate appropriate measures and solutions for our customers and partners.

What are you most proud of working at ePost Global?

I’m so proud of my team of billers. They have several years of experience in industry in both billing and operations. They are consistently surpassing set goals and always displaying how much they care about producing timely & accurate work to meet the needs of our customers.

Any time a biller tells me how motivated and excited they are about the work they’re doing is a really great moment for me. Furthermore, I’m proud of our ePost family as a whole.

I’m truly appreciative of the effective communication and cross-functional efforts displayed by all departments.

What is one thing that sets ePost apart from its competitors? 

Our culture of customer service and collaboration.

Here at ePost, we always operate from a customer centric perspective. With several years of experience and a passion to provide insight that will drive optimal performance, we are motivated to be the best business partner for our customers.

What’s been your best day at work so far? 

There have been many great days with this company so far that it is difficult to choose just one. However, I know that when we went live with our full automation, that was such a significant milestone in our journey toward the future in this industry.

Automation helps take our talented people to the next level of performance, cementing ePost as a valued and sustainable competitor.

Any time we can come together to work on team building and collaboration to bring new ideas and solutions is one of my favorite aspects of this job.

Early on when I first joined the company, I was quickly recognized and praised for my efforts. I could feel that support from my colleagues  and the drive for not only purpose, but also best-in-class service. I could tell that I was going to learn a lot and be given the space to not only grow but also  bring new innovative ideas to the forefront.

This is the spirit I try to uphold when leading my team as they are  valued stakeholders in our business practices.

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