Meet Kathleen Krum, Director of Sales at ePost Global

Meet Kathleen Krum, Director of Sales at ePost Global

Introducing Kathleen Krum, a distinguished professional with an impressive 34-year career in the international mailing and shipping sector. Her extensive experience and unique perspective bring tremendous value to her current role as Director of Sales at ePost Global. 

In her capacity as Director of Sales, Kathleen takes immense pride in nurturing the growth and success of her sales team. She is committed to fostering a supportive and collaborative environment where each team member can flourish and make significant contributions. 

With an unwavering passion for the international mail and shipping industry, Kathleen Krum continues to leave an indelible mark at ePost Global. 

Tell us about your journey to working in International Logistics? 

I have been in the international mailing and shipping industry for 34 years. Throughout that time, I worked for 3 companies that have been bought and sold. 

I was a founding partner of XPO and really enjoyed the entrepreneurship of a startup. Owning XPO for over 9 years, gave me the experience of collaborating with other departments to align sales efforts with broader company goals. ePost Global has created the same environment and attitude that reminds me of XPO. 

What does your role at ePost Global consist of? 

I am currently the Director of Sales and enjoy helping my team grow. Helping my sales team succeed is my top priority. Being involved in high-level negotiations with key clients, partners, or large deals is exciting to me. I also enjoy working with other divisions of ePost Global and finding solutions that fit our clients needs. 

I also maintain my own book of business and sell new business. So I understand the need for networking, cold calling, setting up meetings, overcoming objections and everything that my sales team deals with on a daily basis. 

What were the first steps you took to get into the industry? 

After graduating from CSUF in business with an emphasis in international, I looked at various international companies to begin my career with.

My first job was working for TNT as an inside sales representative for 3 months before getting promoted to outside sales in the Los Angeles market. I worked for TNT for 7 years until I was recruited to help an East Coast company expand into the West Coast market. This taught me the work ethic needed to succeed in starting up a business. 

What is one thing that sets ePost apart from its competitors? 

Our team from sales to ops and customer service! We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals of expanding internationally. Starting with our sales team finding clients a solution that fits their needs to our customer service team that will research any obstacles that they need to overcome. We have the global network, technology and customized shipping solutions that we can tailor to help our clients succeed. 

I’m most proud of our team! It is built on experience and dedication to our clients. 

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