Meet Edward Torres, Director of Finance at ePost Global

Meet Edward Torres, Director of Finance at ePost Global

Introducing Edward Torres, our Director of Finance who plays a pivotal role in managing the financial operations. Ed joined the team in 2014 in our Commercial department, and quickly learned about the business from the ground up.

Ed now leads multiple teams, ensuring the accuracy, integrity, and compliance of our financial data. Ed has a unique ability to see the big company picture but also the details that help to make a project successful. This is especially true with our technology platform and how it functions with each department, as well as what is important to the customer. 

Ed is also well respected in the company for his ability to find great talent and mentor new employees. ePost Global is proud to have Edward join the team and to see the continued growth and innovation he brings. 

Ed epitomizes our commitment to Integrity, embodying unwavering honesty, sincerity, responsibility, and ethical conduct, even when no one is observing.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to work in International Logistics

I am a first-generation Mexican American born and raised in Los Angeles. I earned my degree in Economics and Accounting from UC Santa Barbara. I have a passion for traveling and immersing myself in different cultures.

As an LA native, there are no better teams than the Dodgers and Lakers. Currently, I reside in Long Beach with my fiancée and our Great Dane, Duke.

I joined the team in Oct 2014 at an entry-level position under what was then the RR Donnelley Logistics International Mail and Parcel division and focused on pricing and analyzing/optimizing routing. There, I learned the business from the ground up – leaning on our internal experts for experience.

Logistics has intriguing complexities and I wanted to learn it all. As my own experience grew, I delved into new projects and more complex work. Over time, I was entrusted with management and had the rewarding experience of also developing new employees who were also new to the company and industry.

What does your role at ePost Global consist of?

As the Director of Finance, my primary responsibility is to oversee and manage the financial operations and success of our company. In this capacity, I lead our Accounting, Billing, and Finance teams. Our work involves ensuring the accuracy and integrity of our financial data, the preparation of financial statements, maintaining GAAP compliance, and developing forecasts to make strategic decisions.

Through this work, we help bring the most competitive service offerings to market through comparative measures to other competitors in the industry and invest in the latest technology to ensure ePost’s customer base has a seamless and optimal experience shipping their products. 

In this role, I am committed to ensuring the financial stability, growth, and compliance of our company. Given my experience within our company, I am also involved in the strategic planning and implementation of our IT developments.

What are you most proud of working at ePost Global?

Our team! We work with colleagues who have been influential in the industry for decades. Their knowledge and expertise are graciously shared with newer colleagues, generating a collaborative environment.

On their part, our newer colleagues are bright, talented, and relentlessly hard-working. Their efforts make our operations run efficiently and they find new ways to get things done. It is this harmonious blend of experience and talent that makes our team unrivaled and a source of pride.

What is one thing that sets ePost apart from its competitors? 

Our customers trust us. We are not new to this; our team has experienced it all and can meet our customers’ needs.

We built an extensive network of carriers to reliably deliver our customer’s shipments anywhere in the world at competitive rates. We developed the technological infrastructure to support any customer. We provide what our customers need to create partnerships and deliver on their trust. 

What’s been your best day at work so far? 

Gratefully, I have had a few great days at work. Given my own trajectory, the development of our team is especially meaningful to me. The days when my employees reach their next step have been some of the best days.

Additionally, company-wide accomplishments like automated parcel processing rank up there. Seeing months of multiple teams’ work culminating in success is a great experience.

I knew I was on the right team within a few months of joining ePost Global, when it was clear that we were empowered to improve. This company is rooted in entrepreneurship. From entry level to senior leadership, ideas were welcome, and we were not constrained by the status quo.

Importantly, the opportunity to execute on those ideas is also present. Through this, I became personally engaged in the success of the company and am continuously fulfilled by working here.

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