Meet Bruno Iannicca, Canadian Product Manager at ePost Global

Meet Bruno Iannicca, Canadian Product Manager at ePost Global

Introducing Bruno, our esteemed Canadian Product Manager. Bruno’s journey through the mail industry, spanning nearly five decades, including his time at ePost Global and Canada Post, has made him a true expert in his field. 

He carries his dedication to service into his current role at ePost. He and his team are steadfast in their commitment to ensuring that every customer receives a response to their questions. Bruno’s journey is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and commitment to exceptional service, and we are so privileged to have him on our team! 

One of our core values is striving to be our customers’ ideal partner. Bruno is strategically located in our number one shipping country.

His expertise and ability to drive to our final mile carriers facilities to ensure that our service commitments are made set us apart in the industry.  

Tell us about yourself and your journey to work in International Logistics.

I started in the mail business almost 50 years ago at Gateway Postal Facility and the good thing about that is that I got to know the mail and parcels very well. I always had questions to ask and as a result, I learned a great deal.

During that time I was promoted to Senior Service Representative looking after US-based Customers, Printers, and Mail Service Providers. That is where my first exposure to the US market/customers originated. It was easy to recognize the different Challenges and opportunities that the US market had and that is what set it apart.

That was my most memorable time at Canada Post. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the US-based Customers, especially bringing their concerns to the decision-makers asking for change. Every successful change brought me more adrenalin and joy to continue getting things changed.

My most memorable change was the implementation of the Optional Endorsement Line vs applying paper tags on bundles. That saved my Customers a lot of time/labor not to mention paper.

What does your role at ePost Global consist of?

As the Canadian Product Manager some of my colleagues will call me for direction on a challenge that they may have. Some people call them problems, but I call them Challenges and opportunities. A Challenge to address and resolve the issue before us and an opportunity to show our leadership.

If something goes in a different direction than what we want I tend to be the one to get the call and I fix it, being in Canada allows me to do that. I enjoy working with my sales colleagues on new leads they are working to minimize the cost to our potential customers. 

What are you most proud of working at ePost Global?

I am proud of the way people reach out to ask a question to get a challenge and opportunity resolved vs just trying to figure it out themselves. I have this saying, If you need a hand ask, if you see someone that needs a hand offer it. That is how ePost works.

What is one thing that sets ePost apart from its competitors? 

While at Canada Post I did many presentations at several Customer locations. I used to ask the question, “Who is the BEST Printer, Mail Service Provider in the US”.

Each time the audience would say they were and I would respond with, “Funny, that is what the last place said when I was there”. What makes companies different from each other is the level of service that they provide. 

Working with the team at ePost we strive to ensure that each customer gets a response or answer to their question, sometimes it is not the answer they wanted or expected but they received a follow-up to that question.

What’s been your best day at work so far? 

That is hard as I have had a great number of best days, but one that stands out is finding a solution to a customer’s problem that made a difference to the customer.   

I knew that I made the right decision to work at ePost when a few days after I started I was asked what my opinion was on a mailing that we were about to do. My opinion mattered and I was invited to participate in the discussion.

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