Can I Track Packages Internationally? What eCommerce Businesses Need to Know

Can I Track Packages Internationally? What eCommerce Businesses Need to Know

There’s nothing more exciting than tracking the arrival of a newly purchased item you ordered online. The anticipation of your package’s delivery is invigorating, particularly when you know exactly when it’s expected to arrive. As an online retailer, it’s your job to ensure this process is as smooth and efficient as possible. But when shipping items to another country, shipping services can get complicated. Postal tracking services have been used for many years, but international tracking is a relatively new concept that not all shipping providers offer. And if you plan to ship internationally, there are many essential considerations to factor in to ensure your parcel arrives on time. While achieving customs clearance and selecting the right provider are crucial to the process, there’s no telling where your package is without tracking. Monitoring a shipment’s progress provides transparency, ensures customer satisfaction, and helps your supply chain effectively send parcels internationally. This blog will answer the critical question: “Can I track packages internationally?” The answer is yes, and why parcel tracking is essential when shipping across borders. 

What is international package tracking? 

International package tracking is a service offered by shipping companies that monitors the progress of mail or parcels when traveling from one country to another. Shipment tracking involves keeping tabs on the status and location of a package with a unique tracking number. This number serves as a reference point for tracking mail or parcels and is implemented into an online database that monitors their location. 

Tracking systems will vary in functionality, but often, a tracking number is provided to the customer once the package has shipped. The customer can then view the status of their shipment as it moves through customs and other entry points and see if there is a delay or status change via the carrier’s website or mobile app. Tracking systems may also provide a delivery confirmation email or text message notification upon successful delivery. 

Can you get tracking when shipping internationally from the USA? 

The short answer is yes, but it depends on the shipping provider you choose to work with. Tracking has become an innovative initiative that shipping carriers today cannot afford to live without. Tracking provides real-time insights into the whereabouts of shipments as they cross international borders and move through various transportation modes. This added transparency is something international customers have come to expect, making tracking a vital component to the success of eCommerce businesses expanding to international territories. 

Why do you need international tracking and how does it work?

Since the rise of Amazon, which has had a profound impact on the shipping world, eCommerce has exploded as one of the largest business sectors across the globe. According to Statista, the eCommerce market is expected to see an annual growth rate of 9.83 % over the next four years, resulting in billions of dollars of online shopping sales. And although the U.S. is poised to see a sizable portion of the market, it still leaves a lot of money on the table internationally. 

These stats make it advantageous for companies to expand their shipping overseas; however, the longer the shipping distance, the more hurdles can arise that impact the delivery. Things like weather delays, customs strikes or delays, duties, and tariffs can pose risks for companies, which is why tracking is so important. It provides insight into where a package is along the journey. 

So how does it work? That largely depends on the shipping company. However, in general, global transit tracking relies on advanced technologies to enable precise monitoring of shipments’ journeys for both business owners and customers. At the core of this system lies a unique international tracking number assigned to each shipment, typically paired with an easily scannable barcode, serving as a digital identifier that traces its route from origin to destination. This tracking number provides access to comprehensive information regarding the shipment’s status and location.

However, working with a reputable shipping partner like ePost Global can make or break your journey into new territory. 

Our international tracking capabilities revolutionize shipment management for businesses. Central to our approach is a near real-time tracking mechanism, providing hourly updates to keep companies and customers informed about their shipments’ progress. We offer tailored tracking solutions designed to meet each customer’s unique needs, ensuring seamless integration with their operational processes. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for businesses with diverse supply chains, simplifying the tracking process and enhancing efficiency.

With an ePost Global tracking number provided for every shipment, customers gain access to comprehensive tracking information, including the latest delivery status. This standardized process streamlines tracking for businesses and provides a consistent method for customers to monitor their orders, enhancing both business operations and customer satisfaction.

The benefits of international tracking

Working with a shipping partner that provides international tracking offers a host of benefits for businesses. 

Increased Visibility 

International parcel tracking services help senders trace the exact location of their shipment throughout its entire journey, from leaving the warehouse in the U.S. all the way to the customer’s doorstep.

Since many popular shipping destinations are located thousands of miles away from the U.S., pinpointing a shipment’s exact location helps maintain shipping expectations for customers and assists companies in ensuring each package makes its way smoothly across borders to its destination country. If a delay does occur, a logistics team will be able to identify where the package is being held and determine the cause quickly. 

Customer Satisfaction 

A report released by Verte Research in a Business Wire article showcased that consumers rate package tracking as the most important feature when shopping online.  In fact, after receiving a shipment confirmation email, most spend their time looking for the online shopping tracking tool. The ability to track shipments provides customers with a sense of control and transparency over their orders, alleviating any anxieties about the whereabouts of their packages. By offering advanced tracking capabilities, businesses not only meet but exceed customer expectations, ultimately enhancing overall satisfaction levels. Real-time tracking updates empower customers to stay informed about the status of their shipments, allowing them to plan and anticipate deliveries more effectively. Moreover, increased visibility into the shipping process instills trust and confidence in the business, fostering long-term loyalty and positive brand perception. In today’s competitive eCommerce landscape, prioritizing shipping tracking and visibility is paramount for businesses aiming to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive sustainable growth.

Customer Retention

Offering international package tracking also helps U.S. businesses retain customers outside of their local country by fostering a trusting and reliable relationship. Customers can feel reassured that their items are on their way by tracking them from the U.S. to their international destination, reducing stress or concerns when ordering from a business outside of their home country. Tracking also helps customers adjust their schedules to be present for deliveries to minimize disruptions in their day.

Tracking is especially beneficial if a customer orders an item and selects express or expedited international shipping. Express delivery services transits are normally between 3 to 5 business days, depending on the provider chosen. This means if a shipping error occurs, a company must resolve the issue quickly to ensure the item still arrives within its designated timeframe or not long after. Delays happen, and many customers do understand, but more often than not, it will take stellar customer service efforts and transparent and empathetic communication with the recipient to resolve issues fast to retain returning business.

Risk Mitigation

Parcel tracking services can help ensure a package’s timely arrival while also helping companies mitigate shipping risks like delays or lost packages. Senders can identify problems right away and work to resolve them quickly by determining where the package is being held. Further, the integration of tracking capabilities enhances shipment security. Businesses can protect goods by monitoring security threats like unauthorized shipment access, theft, and loss incidents to protect the integrity of their company and safeguard their reputation. 

Further, international online buyers often turn to U.S. retailers to purchase fashion items, household goods, and technical equipment. Unfortunately, these items are returned often, requiring your business to have robust return procedures in place to ensure goods can travel back to the U.S. seamlessly without error. Many international customers also desire return tracking to ensure their items are correctly refunded. If this process is too complicated, it could deter customers from shopping with a U.S. business again. 

Ship internationally with ePost Global 

At ePost Global, we offer global shipping to over 200 countries, with a highly effective global transit tracking system to help businesses redefine how they manage their shipping processes. 

What separates our tracking solutions from others is our custom-built system. Our advanced software is designed to meet the unique needs of our global customers, ensuring businesses receive tracking data in a format that aligns seamlessly with their operational processes. This adaptability is particularly valuable for companies with diverse and intricate supply chains, as it streamlines the integration of tracking information into their existing workflows and tracking APIs. From air freight to warehousing, we ensure prompt delivery times with real-time insights for every shipment, with updated information every 15 minutes, ensuring companies and customers are constantly informed regarding their shipments’ progress. 

When wondering if you can get international tracking with parcels from the USA, you can rest assured that ePost Global can and will get your items to their destination with valuable insights on the location and status of your shipments. From seamlessly managing pick-ups and ensuring smooth travels for every package, our cutting-edge global transportation and logistics solutions empower shippers and transport companies with end-to-end tracking capabilities unmatched by other providers. 

Unlike domestic delivery services at your local post office, International shipments require special attention, including knowledge of international mail services and destination customs requirements. At ePost Global, we combine our years of global knowledge with customized shipping services to help your business ship internationally with ease. When you partner with us, you can choose from a variety of delivery options like priority mail international, priority mail express international, and air first-class — as well as other options to suit your needs and budget. 

If you’re ready to ship internationally with confidence, contact us. We’ll help get your parcel there with real-time insights regarding the status and location of your items. Whether you’re shipping to Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, China, or beyond, we’ll get your items there safely, compliantly, and with clear transparency every step of the way.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at (866) 784-8444 to learn more about our services and pricing. 

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