ePG Insights

August 23, 2023

Meet Helaine Rich, ePost Global’s Vice President of Strategic Sales and Administration


Meet Helaine Rich: a member of our executive team who as a logistics veteran has managed all disciplines in our industry from sales to operations to customer service to commercial.

As the VP of Strategic Sales and Administration at ePost Global, Helaine’s team is responsible for onboarding and managing multi carrier platforms, involved with the development of new services and tools for customers while growing revenue through strategic account acquisition. 

From her origins in sales, her journey has been fueled by an entrepreneurial drive. Notably, Helaine spearheaded the launch of Domestic eDGE, a testament to her leadership, while also propelling ePost Global’s distinction through innovative solutions and unparalleled service.


Tell us about your journey to working in International Logistics?

I am a Bostonian living in Florida. The pandemic was the catalyst to moving here and fortunately I was able to relocate without disrupting my work situation. As much as I miss Boston, Florida has been a good move for personal reasons and professionally.

Personally I have a lot of family here and surprisingly people really love to come to Florida so never a shortage of visitors. Professionally this is the first time that I actually live in the same state as an ePG facility so it is a bonus to have an operation an hour away.

When not working, which I really enjoy, I love to travel and am always booking my next trip as soon as I come back from my vacation. 


What does your role at ePost Global consist of?

Currently I am the VP of Strategic Sales and Administration. I originally joined the organization in a sales role and as different needs and opportunities presented themselves my role morphed into what it is today.

My team is responsible for onboarding and managing multi carrier platforms, involved with the development of new services and tools for customers while growing revenue through strategic account acquisition.


What were the first steps you took to get into the industry?

I actually became familiar with the industry while I was a recruiter. A large company in the international shipping industry was a client of mine. After placing several people within that organization and seeing their success and happiness, I thought it would be a great step for me.

I reached out  to my contact and asked if they needed any reps for downtown Boston. After hearing that they were waiting for that call, I joined within weeks and was with that company for over 8 years. 


What’s been your proudest moment at ePost Global?

Seeing everyone come together for the launch and roll out of our newest service Domestic eDGE. Listening to customers’ needs and working in a supportive environment made it possible to develop this solution to provide a product to our global customers.

The service involved stakeholders from all areas in the organization to develop, implement, test and process. Sales embracing the service, communicating externally and sharing their experiences internally have built momentum on this offering. And of course all of this wouldn’t have happened with the  support of the executive team to invest, guide and promote. 

I knew I made the right decision to work here the day I called Kelly (President at ePost Global) and asked if there was an opportunity available to join her team. I had briefly left the industry and realized that I wanted to be back in this space. Working with Kelly previously in different organizations and roles I knew how much I respected her leadership, knowledge and her approach.

Working closely in New Jersey with Pep (President at ePost Global) I knew his hands on approach to operations and innovation would mean I could provide a service that would meet customers needs. Learning that I had the support of Karen, Kathy and Tracy I knew that I would be able to ramp up my knowledge and have industry experts to go to. 


Connect with Helaine at ‘hrich@epostglobalshipping.com’ for expert insights and tailored solutions. Reach out now and unlock new possibilities for your business!