Deep Industry Expertise

At ePost Global, we combine our global experience with personal attention and flexibility, customizing services and support to meet your unique mailing and shipping objectives. Accessing our extensive menu of global delivery final mile carriers, as well as, our long-standing relationship with the USPS as a pre-qualified wholesaler, provides customized solutions at a reduced cost. When you partner with us, you get world-class solutions, personalized customer service and improved delivery times.

Case Studies

May 25, 2021

Creating customized offerings to deliver over $500K annual savings

An electronics company marketing to the Canadian market had an expansive catalog distribution program throughout Canada.

Looking for postage cost-savings, they turned to ePost Global for assistance. After an analysis of their delivery requirements, ePost designed a logistics program consisting of a combination of national postal carriers and local hand delivery couriers.

The customized network optimized the shipping routes to drive over $500K in annual savings

May 25, 2021

Localized experience to deliver 22% cost reduction

A direct marketing company wanted a local presence in various European countries for their client, a telecommunications company.

ePost Global set up direct posting options and business reply for targeted countries throughout the EU. Beyond creating a local presence for each country, the pricing for the distribution program was very competitive, resulting in a 22% savings over the company’s previous method of distribution.

May 25, 2021

Accurate tracking capabilities that improved consumer experience and enabled customer growth

A large monthly subscription box company was having an issue with broad international delivery windows and the lack of tracking capability.

ePost Global’s technology solution offered a service to better communicate with the final mile carriers that could narrow the delivery window and offer tracking for the client’s consumers. Not only did the client’s customer satisfaction increase with the new service, but the company was also able to expand the monthly box service to other regions.